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Securities Law

When it comes to securities, the wrong advice can have devastating financial effects. Incorrect – and even illegal – advice given by securities brokers can cost you your life savings and your financial independence.

But if a broker’s advice has led you astray, there is a solution. Taking legal action can help hold that broker accountable. It can also help you reclaim the money you have lost.

At the Hollywood, Florida, Law Office of Lee H. Schillinger, P.A., we represent investors who have placed their savings into unsuitable investments they did not understand. We resolve these matters effectively in arbitration as well as legal matters in state and federal trial courts and courts of appeal.


What Your Broker Should Have Explained Before You Invested


Brokers are required to understand your desires and to make investments that are reasonable in light of your objectives. They know that risky investments – ones that often have a rate of return – just as often have a high risk of loss. This should be explained before the investment is made.

Brokers are often guilty of this failure to explain investments as well as straight-out abuses of the sale of annuities. Annuities are usually not suitable for people who will need access to their money in a short period of time. Your broker should also have told you of high redemption fees you might owe if you withdraw your money early.

Not doing so could be more than an oversight – it could be outright fraud. At our South Florida law office, we are dedicated to being fraud busters.


Highly Qualified To Help You Achieve The Best Possible Results


Our founding and principal attorney, Lee Schillinger, is a member of PIABA, the Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association, for plaintiffs who are seeking to arbitrate or sue firms or their brokers for recovery of losses in the securities field.

Mr. Schillinger is also experienced in business litigation and has previously been recognized by The Florida Bar Association. This recognition notes his substantial involvement in matters of contested business litigation. Mr. Schillinger has handled thousands of business law matters, including hundreds of securities litigation cases. He has also passed an in-depth exam administered by The Florida Bar Association to achieve this status.

One of our most well-known cases involved a broker selling securities to students in his adult education class. We received national attention, including an interview on NBC News and an article in The New York Times.