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Foreclosure defense is one of the most common reasons for an individual to need an attorney. Lee Schillinger has been defending foreclosures and other real estate litigation matters for decades. He will fight his hardest to make sure your property does not get foreclosed and will attempt to expose any wrongdoing by opposite parties or their attorneys.

At the Law Office of Lee H. Schillinger, our number one priority is representing you, our client and your home from the banks and making sure no one’s property gets wrongfully foreclosed. With decades of real estate law experience, we will work hard to attempt to get the bank to modify your mortgage or to allow a short sale if that is feasible.

Were You Impacted By Pick-A-Payment Mortgage?

A number of persons have been forced into foreclosure due to a Pick-A-Payment mortgage, which was originally offered by World Savings Bank, which was taken over by Wachovia Bank, which, in turn, became Wells Fargo Bank. Pick-A-Payment mortgages have negatively affected people all over the nation.

It is our job to pick the defense that best suits your situation. Whether this is a good faith defense or a failure to disclose information, we will make sure your house and family receive the best possible protection from the foreclosure.

In these cases, the bank did not properly disclose information to those individuals who had been sold on those mortgages. The bank simply did not explain to their customers the negative effect that the Pick-A-Payment plan would have. It was the bank’s responsibility to help these individuals keep their property and refinance their homes.

Wells Fargo entered into a class-action settlement with various assurance agreements with the state attorney general of a number of states, including the Attorney General of Florida. Wells Fargo took on certain obligations, which they may not have met with various of the defendants. Law Office of Lee H. Schillinger will fight for you if you had such a Pick-A-Payment loan and where the bank has not been following its respective assurance agreement obligations.

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