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The Importance Of Quiet Title Actions

A quiet title action eliminates any other party’s interest in a property, leaving the title holder as the clear owner. A quiet title may be necessary when all other means of curing a title are exhausted. Many aspects of a real estate transaction are held up until a clear title is produced, including selling the property and obtaining title insurance. At the end of a quiet title proceeding, the owner is able to move forward with a clear title. This is why it is so important that a quiet title action is handled with care and attention to detail.

With more than four decades of real estate law experience, Law Office of Lee H. Schillinger is prepared to guide you through all aspects of the quiet title process. Businesses and individuals turn to our Weston law firm when their critical real estate law matters must be handled with care.

Clearing Up Hindrances To Real Estate Transactions

There are many reasons a party may wish to go forward with a quiet title action, including:

  • The title was forged or improperly executed.
  • The chain of title ownership has been interrupted.
  • There are competing claims from lien holders.
  • There are disputes over boundary lines or other aspects of the property in question.

Lee H. Schillinger is a trusted attorney for handling quiet title actions and other real estate law issues. In addition to representing clients in real estate law matters, we are also a full-service title company. This makes us a valuable resource for buyers and sellers of real estate as well as real estate agents and other parties involved in real estate transactions in South Florida.

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