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Protect your real estate clients with customized purchase contracts

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People buying homes hire a real estate professional because they don’t want to worry about the details. They expect that you know how to protect them and get them into the right property for the right price.

Scouring the listings for the right properties and discussing what effect the condition of the home should have on the price offered are important parts of the service that you provide to buyers.

Making offers puts your client’s assets at risk

However, few stages in the purchase of a home leave a buyer more vulnerable than the submission of an offer on a property. Investing in custom documents for each offer you make on behalf of a buyer could protect your clients and establish you as a client-focused real estate professional.

As an experienced professional, you recognize how important the right terms are. You probably also realize that the standard language used in boilerplate, fill-in-the-blank documents offer more protection to the seller than the buyer.

Drafting a specific contract for each offer can require a little more work from you, but it can offer far more protection for your clients during what may be the biggest transaction of their lives.

Drafting a custom offer lets you include what matters

Do your clients have specific contingencies that will influence their ability to follow through with the offer? Do they need to take possession by a certain date, or have they requested a specific repair or accommodation from the seller?

It can be difficult to make such unique terms work well in the most commonly used “universal” forms. Drafting unique, customized paperwork will make it easier for you to integrate the needs of your clients and maximize the protection they have in place when submitting the offer.

Your offer paperwork can put more of a focus on the needs and desires of your clients and make it clear that your clients are serious enough about their offer to make such an in-depth, carefully considered offer.

Good contracts set you up for good transactions

The more thorough and specific you are in your offer and paperwork surrounding a pending real estate transaction, the more beneficial those documents will be for the people you represent.

Custom contracts are just one of many ways that you can set yourself apart from the competition as a real estate professional who prioritizes the needs of your clients and their protection above all else.