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One crucial tool that too many real estate professionals overlook

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2021 | Real Estate Law |

As a real estate professional, you have many tools that play a role in your success. Many of those tools are other professionals that help you do the best job possible for your clients.

Good web development helps you find new clients, as does online brand management and social media services. You may work with teams that help you clean, rehab and stage properties that deserve a little TLC. You might even have professionals that help would-be buyers clean up their credit so that they can get a mortgage.

All too often, real estate agents overlook another professional who it can be a majorly useful tool in their ongoing success and financial solvency. Partnering with a real estate attorney is a good move for agents who want to properly protect themselves.

The better the title search, the safer the sale

No one wants to have a buyer inform them after closing that they might lose the property, but that is exactly what happens if a claim against the title pops up after someone makes a purchase. Encouraging clients to invest in title insurance instead of waiving it can help protect your client base, but so can partnering with the lawyer to do extensive title searches.

Big title companies push through policies quickly and may get too creative in the curative stages. They may gloss over defects that could come back to haunt the homeowner eventually. When an attorney does the title search and any quiet title action or other curative efforts needed, you can rely on an outcome that you can trust.

Whether you represent buyers or sellers, better documents protect everyone

Whether you help someone fill out their disclosures when listing a property for sale or submit competitive offers on behalf of excited potential buyers, you don’t have to just use boilerplate documents.

Creating customized documents can offer an extra layer of protection for you as a professional and the clients that rely on you. The more well suited documents are to someone’s needs, the more protection their purchase agreement or contract will offer them.

There’s also certainly something to be said about the ability to reach out to someone for advice and guidance in a complex professional field. You may know a lot about properties, escrow and the market, but the law isn’t always as clear, even for experienced professionals. Having someone you can turn to when you have questions will make you a better advocate for your clients and help you develop a more competitive business.